The Dilemma Of Masculinity Versus Career Paths

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Since the 20th century, there has been the dilemma of masculinity versus career paths.

Women were expected to be teachers, nurses, etc., just because that 's the role they had in society

for decades before that. Men, and still are, expected to go into a career field that pays a lot of

money so they can provide for their families. Those career fields are still usually STEM related.

Engineers, scientists, mathematicians, doctors, lawyers, etc. It 's not just because the individual

wants to go into that field. There are outside factors pushing him/her to subconsciously go into

that field. Whether it be peer pressure, gender bias, gender stereotypes, even career stereotypes,

it can drive a person away from the field they want to
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Women are surrounded by biases and stereotypes from a young age, whether it be in the

media or family influences. In pop culture, woman are usually powerful lawyers or nurses, with a

bit of a struggle most of the time; and men, when acting as a programmer, are portrayed as geeky

shut-ins. This decreases a young girl 's likelihood to become interested in math and science. It

also reduces the amount of young female adults that choose to go into a STEM-based career.

Since young women don 't often go into the field, there are very few female role models for

young girls to look up to. If there were more motivation and less forced stereotypes, there would

be more women in the STEM field.


Gender Stereotypes

Anyone, let alone a woman, can go into a field confident of his or herself when everyone

is constantly judging your abilities based on your gender. In fact, we are surrounded by gender

stereotypes from the time we are born. For example: boys get blue blankets and bedrooms filled

with toy cars and tools. Girls get pink blankets and bedrooms filled with dolls and little

dollhouses. Sure, the kids grow out of it and exchange their toys for other things. For example,

journals, musical instruments, or skateboards. But it 's a common knowledge rule of thumb that

newborn baby boys get swaddled in light blue
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