The Dilemma Of Personal Cultural Identification

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On the Dilemma of Personal Cultural Identification Like many Americans, I have ancestors who immigrated to the United States out of necessity. Many people have stories of their ancestors trying to escape poverty or unstable government, while others’ forebears came for the opportunity with which the United States seemed to be overflowing, and others still tell of their predecessors leaving for personal reasons, perhaps to find a family member who had left years before. For those who had fled their home countries out of fear or necessity, America was often the obvious choice for the individual or family for relocation. The nation has long been known as the “land of opportunity”, and letters sent by individuals who had emigrated without their entire families have confirmed this title numerous times. This was the case for my great grandfather in particular, who might not have come to America had it not been for the letters he received from his sister who had moved to the United States and written back to her family in Italy. After fleeing from poor conditions in Italy, my ancestors were presented with both opportunities and challenges which they may never have experienced had they not chosen to immigrate to the United States of America, and their stories play an important role in the definition of American culture. During the late nineteenth century, economic crises and corrupt, unstable governments seemed to be commonplace in Italy. In 1892, Giovanni Giolitti became Prime

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