The Dilemma Of Successes And Failures Within Child Protective Services

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Jasmine Segura Ms. Duenow Expository Reading and Writing, Per 4. February 11, 2015 The Dilemma of Successes and Failures Within Child Protective Services In May of 2013, eight year old Gabriel Fernandez was failed by the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services. After multiple reports were filed and subsequently ignored, the eight-year-old was repeatedly abused by his mother and her boyfriend, up until the day of his death (Karlamangla). Child Protective Services is a government run agency that deals with reports of child abuse in the United States. A majority of the time, CPS can be successful in taking a child out of a dangerous home. In some instances, however, Child Protective Services can fail and leave the child in a dangerous home. Likewise, CPS occasionally mistakenly removes children who are not in any danger in their safe homes. In recent times, the role of CPS and their accomplishments has been challenged, because of an increase in the amount of minors killed by the hands of their own guardians. If new laws were instilled and the program became more strict, the general public may begin to have a positive opinion towards it. Improvements in how CPS handles their cases could create an all-around safer environment for families and children. In the United States, each state has different laws concerning child welfare. The California Department of Social Services--also known as CDSS--is responsible for overseeing the child welfare system in

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