The Dilemma With College Relationships

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The Dilemma with College relationships? Dating today has become so irrelevant, especially in the world of a college student. Even when the topic is mentioned there isn 't much acknowledgment in the topic. Why is that? Several college students start to embark on what they think a serious relationship is as they grow up. Without realizing that they have no clue what is to actually be in a relationship is it actually healthy, and not just a game. Is a relationship considered healthy because it consists most of the following subcategories? Communication, respect, equity, care, effort, self improvement, fun, no abuse and boundaries.(Byrd, Bowdler & Hayes) Is it really in good shape as some declare, or is it just getting use to the fact that were scared to start over? There is all types of answers to these questions. But which one is correct? You decide. Even though for some people, those rose-colored glasses turn into people becoming blind keeps them from seeing that their relationship isn 't as healthy as it should be or as they might think. (Lyness 2013)They no longer have a clue what an actual healthy relationship is with trust, respect, equality, communication, and most importantly support. People are lost without realizing a healthy relationship requires sincerity while an unhealthy relationship is just manipulation. Healthy relationships don’t avoid problems, but they do know how to keep the lines of communication unlocked. When things get rough they talk through it
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