The Dilemmas Of Hiring Discrimination In The Workplace

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Should people be turned away from a job because of self-expression art on their body? Hiring discrimination in professional workplaces do just that. Discrimination in the workplace is very common in our society today; whether this be by gender, race, or appearance it happens every day. “First Impressions are everything” is a common phrase before meeting an important person for the first time. Before attending an interview, the interviewees find their best professional clothing, do their hair “professionally”, and typically conceal tattoos or piercings. Though, why is this? Why most people hide their tattoos and piercings and change their image in hopes for a job? Discrimination in the workplace can effect anyone. Depending on the interviewer, it can potentially ruin the job offer at hand. In reality as soon as the interviewee walks into the interview, the interviewer is judging them. Questions will be asked for protocol, but the decision is already made after viewing the interviewee’s sleeve of tattoos. Theories such as deontological and utilitarian create different viewpoints of the topic also. Prejudice in the hiring process can strike out great candidates for the business simply because of permanent body modification that are not suitable or “professional” for the business, in result is hiring discrimination. People who decide to get tattoos or piercings should not be shied away from a job especially if they have all the other credentials for the job. Viewing this
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