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Running head: The Dim Lighting Company Case Analysis

The Dim Lighting Company Case Analysis
Julia Cunningham
Baker College

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Dim Lighting Company, a subsidiary of a major producer of electrical products is at a crossroads when it confronts a year where operating targets are not realized and profit margins dropped by fifteen percent and what steps should be taken to reverse this trend. A budget meeting with the management group yields differing opinions of where monies should be spent, yet how will that allow for a reversal of the downward trend and show the parent company that profits will indeed return?

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The Dim Lighting Company Case Analysis A problem a
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Similar sentiments are not heard from his immediate department.

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The main cause of the existing problem of reacting and reversing the decline is the reactive management style. If a company does not reach out to its customer base and find out what they can do to better serve / meet their needs, a competitor will. Industries that provide goods and/or services and do not take this extra step may be in a state of complacency and will eventually fail. Examples of this would be Circuit City and Mervyns and their collective belief that they were too big to fail. A company that many would think is too big to fail is taking steps to insure that it does not happen and they are called Starbucks. Howard Schultz, the President, CEO and Chairman took via e-mail to outline the organizational changes that would take place as part of their Transformation Agenda. This is a company that realizes it needs to be renewing in order to grow and not rest on its laurels. The cultural resistance exhibited by the accounting and manufacturing directors also could be considered a cause for the problems the company is experiencing as new machinery does become necessary however may become unnecessary if it is to produce obsolete products.
Should Manager West elect not to press corporate for the proposal funding, systems affected would be R & D as likely there would be a hiring
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