The Dimension Of Health Care

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The dimension of health I chose to work on was physical. Through the process of self- inventory I developed a need’s assessment in which I determined my greatest dimension of health need was physical. The self-inventory helped me to recognize two key areas I should address, first that my weight was creeping up again. Second I wasn’t following a nutritious diet. My next step was to write an action plan and states a clear and concise goal. In this brief evaluation I will reveal the action plan I created. I will then provide the successes and changes I mad and why in this 5 week journey. I will also provide tips that helped me achieve my goal and tactics I used that contributed to my success. Lastly I will explore my thoughts on some of the behaviors I reflect on and provide some feedback. Evaluation
In this evaluation I will present my results. I will share my results through this journey what worked what didn’t. The dimension of health I chose was my physical health. I created an action plan to lose 10 pounds. Though this evaluation I reveal my results, the challenges I incurred along the way and what corrections I made to overcome problems in achieving my results.
My goal was to lose 10 pounds in 34 days and learn to maintain a healthy weight. My timeline was March 28th to April 30th. My strategy was to use a 1200 calorie diet per day and track my calories through My Fitness Pal and log calories, exercise and weight on the memo App of my phone.

Changes I
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