The Dimensions Of Meaning That The Use Of Photography Brings

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The Dimensions of Meaning That the Use of Photography Brings To the Artwork In addition to the two traditional physical dimensions of an image, every photographic image utilizes seven dimensions. Four of these dimensions are features of the image itself, and are exposure, tonality, colour and focus. The remaining three dimensions are subject focused dimensions, and include constructed and found images, objectivity and complexity. (Ang 2013) Photography, historically, was initially used to supply knowledge pertaining to sexuality through the observation of the human body. (Gunkel 2009) Keeping this in mind, Zanele Muholi’s Bra (2003), Zanele Muholi, Bra, 2003 attempts to undermine discriminatory postcolonial notions of homosexuality as…show more content…
The focus of the image juxtaposes the sharpness of the subject’s torso with the blurriness of the subject’s hands, seemingly active in a clapping motion, and the blurriness of the background, adding a degree of depth to the image, similar to the depth one would experience were they in the presence of the portrayed subject. The clapping motion indicated by the subject’s hands in the image, exudes a sense of the subject applauding the viewer, seemingly reversing the roles between observed and observer. (Gunkel 2009) Roland Barthes in, “The Photographic Message,” explains that the moments in time photographs are intended to capture are seemingly “a mechanical analogue of reality”, a message, if you will. A message that only becomes discernible after the fact, and it is only then that the importance of the photograph is embodied. Furthermore, by describing the afore mentioned message it would attach a “connoted message”. (Thomas 2010) Keeping with the afore mentioned notion of the moment in time captured by photographs being messages, Muholi’s Aftermath (2004), Zanele Muholi, Aftermath, (2004) depicts a woman standing solely in her underwear with a large scar the length of her right thigh. Her hands curled one on top of the other covering her vagina. (Thomas 2010) It is apparent that the woman in the image is a victim of trauma. (Van Der Vlies
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