The Dimensions Of Mental Health

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Life In life there is many things that could happen. Things that catch your attention, going to wonderful places, and to be playing in a professional. It all goes forever but there is one thing that you have to be aware of. The things we do to ourselves as to other people, and it all starts with our own health, to living longer, and all the way to making decisions. These are the things to have a great life and to be successful, and if you keep on reading, you will find out the things that will get you there.
Dimensions of Health In life, there is something called psychosocial health. There are many dimensions to this health, but I am going to explain four of them. The first dimension is Mental Health, and this is the thinking part of psychosocial health. This part is where you have the ability to do many things as to solve problems, interpret, to sense, perceive, and to also evaluate what is happening. The next dimension is Emotional Health, this is the part where you feel love, hate, joy, anxiety, and sustains borderline emotions such as hope and care. Also, it carries emotions that result from harm, loss, but also from benefits. There is another dimension called Spiritual Health, which is the part that describes the mean and purpose of life. It is the part that contains your music, nature, and the belief of your religion. The last type of dimensional health is Social Health, this type of health is when you have social skills and you use them whenever you interact
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