The Dining Hall

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Just a few feet behind her, Gigliola and Josephine sat alone at a table for four facing the dining hall, having an ample view of all the other tables and the attending guests. Martha glanced at them and understood their feelings. Their expressions denoted anguish, discontent and internal conflict. Gigliola’s complexion had a greyish hue, a mixture of physical illness and the anger eroding her insides. Partaking of this family gathering brought upon some members of the family, like her, a divine punishment. The Christening of Danielle, the granddaughter of Joseph Demonte and Martha his former wife had brought the family together for the first time in many years. Joseph and Marth had had only one child in the course of their marriage, Dominick Demonte, now married to Martina Marchese-Demonte with whom he had sustained a long term relationship in Buenos Aires, before their marriage in 2007. Life has blessed them with two beautiful girls, Daniella, one-year old and Lina three and a half. This memorable day kept them not only busy, but, also aware of their family commitments. Perhaps, it had borne more relevance for Dominick; Danielle’s baptism had brought the family together in a celebration that could have no future parallel. The twelfth child of the Loncone-Demonte’s couple, Joseph Demonte, had suffered the death of some of his siblings; Seraph, Andreapasco, Atalonne and Geronimo, were no longer with him. Often the thought of his own death transpired in his conversations,
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