The Dinner

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The Dinner by Herman Koch
What should parents do for protecting children when children commit crime? The story of the book is there are two brothers whom always have a meeting time at advanced restaurant in every month. The older brother, Serge, who is prominent politician and has Rick as a biological child, Babette as wife, and Faso as an adopted child. The younger brother, Paul Lohmann, who is retired teacher and has Clair as wife and Michel as a child. One day, Rick and Michel committed crime; they killed the lady beggar in front of ATM machine because they felt the lady was annoying, and they got inspired by their favorite show that was called Boys in Black 3, which is violent TV shows that they often watch it together. After their parents
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For example, in this book, Clair found that video of Michel was killing homeless around the ATM machine with Rick. But, Clair wanted him not to have punishment from public court because Rick is her biological son and she thinks teens who are the same age as he can hit someone or can have violent action against other people. Also, Clair tried to connive what Michel and Rick did to the homeless. I think this conniving of her son’s action is not protecting her child because what Michel did was a crime; it is not a simple problem such as fighting with friends and family. She used some example to persuade that why their children must not be going to jail even though they killed someone to Serge and Babettee. The example that she used was there are a lot of homeless in the world, and they can sleep in everywhere that people couldn’t expect. Clair stated that what are you going to do if homeless sleeps in front of your front door of your house. This statement made me thinking more about her characteristics. I can assume that Michel was growing himself with watching violence relationship between his mom and dad. This violence effects himself of killing another person is fine. If my child was really young and killed someone in late, I will accuse my child as murder to the police because I want him to realize the importance of human life and all of actions must have consequences either punishment or
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