The Dipiction of Teens in Society through Films

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There are mixed opinions revolving around the attitude and behavior of teenagers but most inclined towards negative. Much of the negativity comes from the media, especially films and television programs, which influences the views and opinions individuals have on teenagers. A significant number of adults spend little time with teenagers, leading to their dependency on films, which inclines them to have negative views. Many adults believe teenagers offer civilization a bleak future.
The purpose of this study is to determine approximately how much teenagers are repeatedly being depicted as negative. Susannah R. Stern (2005) conducted this analysis of teenagers in popular films to examine how much influence certain messages of teenage motivations and behaviors have on adults in the audience. The hypothesis of Stern’s (2005) experiment was that popular films are negatively influencing adults about teenager’s behaviors and motivations while their positive characteristics, such as their diligence and work ethics, are being overlooked, creating a social division.
The first step in the procedure is that a sample was taken of the top “125 grossing films between 1999 to 2001” (Stern, 2005, p. 26). The second step in the sampling process was selecting films with one…
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