The Dire Situation of the Chilean Mining Incident

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When it comes to the Chilean mining incident there is definitely some considerations that we need to be aware of. For instance you need to consider just how dire the situation is for the miners as well as their family & friends. Also the public wants reasons as to why the mine collapsed in the first place, during this type of situation it is vital to consider their feelings and stay calm while also showing concern in relation to what could have caused the initial incident itself. Also do not sugarcoat what is happening or attempt to side step the issue; that could lead to your audience becoming more distraught. When it comes to the miner’s families the most basic need they would receive by us is the assurance that we are attempting to rescue these miners and not to lose hope. We do understand that each family member is worried about their loved ones, we do not take these feelings lightly. This is why it is important to keep in touch with these families and make them the top priority when releasing additional information related to this unsettling mining incident.
The company’s employees are also going to be concerned about safety after seeing what has happened to their fellow coworkers and friends. The best we can do in regards to this situation is assure them that due to the circumstances before continuing mining operations we are willing to have the mines inspected for safety reasons. By doing so the worker’s will know that we are genuinely concerned about their
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