The Direct Relationship Between Critical Thinking And Ethics

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The Direct Relationship between Critically Thinking and Ethics Manuel Ortuno Jr. Foundations for University Success/GEN 201 21 September 2014 Ms. Alisa Hewitt The Direct Relationship between Critical Thinking and Ethics Critical thinking and ethics are two topics that every person should be educated on starting from childhood in order to be functional members of any society. To better understand the issue, one must first know what critical thinking and ethics are; “Critical thinking is the path to freedom from half-truths and deception” (Ellis, 2011) while “Ethics is the study of the foundational values of a community” (Ethical Lens Inventory, 2014). After reviewing the material in Becoming a Master Student about critical thinking and the Ethics Lens Inventory assignment, I feel the relationship between critical thinking and ethics is directly related, given that one understands the “rights” and “wrongs” for the community he/she will be a part of; discussing this relationship will also provide the foundation for the discussion of my personal review of my own blind spots and preferred ethical lens, how it affects my decision making, and how it applies to professional and societal responsibilities. Critical Thinking Process Steps In order to understand critical thinking better, you must first be aware of the process. There are three steps, or strategies, to the critical thinking process which are quite lengthy. They include “checking your attitude, checking for
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