The Director, Danny Devito, Is Evil And Malicious ( Mean )?

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What techniques does the director, Danny DeVito, use in the film ‘Matilda’ to illustrate that the character, Ms Agatha Trunchbull, is evil and malicious (mean)? The film ‘Matilda’ was directed by Danny DeVito and was released in 1996. The director uses multiple film techniques to depict Agatha Trunchbull as an evil and malicious character. These techniques include a range of different angles, low key and bottom lighting as well as an out dated sense of style and a variety of diegetic sounds Firstly, the director of ‘Matilda’ uses low camera angles to depict Ms Trunchbull as aggressive and derogatory to others. During the scene in which both Miss Honey and Ms Trunchbull are in Ms Trunchbull’s office the camera angles used are both low angled shots that are extremely close to Ms Trunchbull’s face. Shots like this make Ms Trunchbull look visually unappealing as the highlight or amplify her imperfections. Also used in this scene are shots that display the whole of miss honey and only a small part (i.e. the head) of Ms Trunchbull’s body. This portrays Ms Trunchbull as powerful and intimidating. Although these shots and angles are used throughout the majority of the movie there is one scene in particular the table turn and the power is changed. This is the scene which displays the whole school in the hallway throwing food at Ms Trunchbull. A high angle shot is taken to display that Ms Trunchbull is no longer in power and is quite insignificant. Angles such as high angles make the

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