The Director Of Human Resources Of Lehigh Hanson

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I am the Director of Human Resources of Lehigh Hanson. In order to ensure the organization remains successful we have to make sure we hire the right people for the organization. In this review we will outline a job interview process and document the methods that we must use to select the right person for the available positions. We will determine at least two employment laws that we must consider in the process questions and examine the key ramifications of the organization’s lack of enforcement of said laws. The organization must predict three issues that we may encounter in building relationships with each type of worker.
Also, management will examine two laws that must follow during the relationship process, and specify the manner in which each law would help in the relationship building process. Finally, we will evaluate the effectiveness of the organization’s HR policies and processes that are designed to promote a diverse workforce, we will outline a strategy for the organization that recognizes affirmative action, and the HR team will include in our plan to migrate both the glass ceiling effect and reverse discrimination within our organization.
Hanson is outlining the position of a Customer Service Representative. As an employer, making a good hire depends on of having a positive interview experience with a preferred candidate. Employers must not underestimate the impact of a well-planned interview or interview process. When hiring for a particular position
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