The Director Of National Intelligence By James Clapper

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The Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper, describes the global jihadist movement as one of “Lone wolves, domestic extremists and jihadist inspired groups” that are determined to attack western interests. A 2014-RAND study describes terrorist organizations relying on affiliates, allies and the ability to inspire homegrown violent extremists. Another report stated that 42 of the 50 known terrorist plots since 9/11 were homegrown. Moreover, diasporas spread across the U.S. are subject to persuasion from web-based propaganda that seeks to exploit, recruit and fundraise among immigrant populations. Last, terrorist organizations will likely exploit the criminal activities of Mexico’s cartels as well as America’s lose border…show more content…
DoD provides deterrence efforts while shaping the environment through theater security cooperation. Domestically, the Navy facilitates the interdiction of vessels in support of the Coast Guard. Along our southern borders, JTF-N provides tunnel detection, logistical and sensor support to law enforcement agencies to interdict illegal trafficking and defend the border. Other examples of assistance while adhering to the Posse Comitatus Act (PCA) include the use of UAVs, signal and cyber capabilities as well as CBRN response forces. Likewise, NORTHCOM contributes daily to the overall effort while serving as a conduit of information gained from the other GCCs. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) aims to focus collection efforts by establishing a national set of information requirements in coordination with law enforcement agencies and the intelligence community. NORTHCOM supports these efforts with a robust intelligence cell that provides link analysis, facilitating law enforcement operations as well as operations with Canada & Mexico. JTF-N also supports border control through sensor capabilities, aviation, transportation, engineering and training. The mission of JTF-N is to “provide military support to law enforcement agencies, conduct theater security cooperation…facilitate interagency order to anticipate, detect,
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