The Director Of News And Public Affairs At Weaa

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Corin Fiske, the Director of News and Public Affairs at WEAA, began her employment with a very difficult task. WEAA, the public radio station over the years had become disorganized and its organizational structure weak, leading to disobedience and lack of commitment from its volunteer employees. When a long standing radio host resigned and threatened to take her segment and its rights with her, Fiske knew that possible disaster loomed for the organization and needed to make serious changes to ensure the continued success and at the same time development and rebuilding of a once thriving station. WEAA a non-profit, National Public Radio (NPR) affiliated station that served the Baltimore market, opened in August 1977. The station known for playing jazz grew in popularity over the years even winning the acclaimed title of Jazz Station of the Year in 1999 by Gavin Magazine. In 2000, 2002, and 2005 the Citypaper newspaper even named WEAA the best radio station in Baltimore. Despite the popularity of the station, executive management realized the organization was not living up to its full potential due to a lack of a robust organizational infrastructure in addition to a negative culture. Determined to have the radio station raise its market potential, they hired Fiske in August of 2006 to act as a change agent. Organizations tend to thrive with leaders who have a strong vision of what they want their companies to develop and expand into. Organizations such as these are

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