The Dirty Heads ' Relationship

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For any market to achieve success, said market must define, create and outline some measure of happiness for its consumers. A solid awareness and knowledge of what makes a consumer satisfied will generally lead to successful business for any specific market. However, if a particular market of an economy attempts to define happiness for its consumers, don’t they have an obligation to accurately appeal to their targeted audience? Does the cost to a consumer’s morals and ideals matter? What’s the cost for that? A television show may try to define their consumer’s happiness by a mutual connection to plot or cinematography. A musician or band may try to define their consumer’s happiness by a connection to music genre, tempo, style, title, or lyric. My analysis of The Dirty Heads’ relationship with their audience is an interpretation of the title of their album and specific songs from this collection. The Dirty Head’s debut album Any Port in a Storm represents happiness with Reggae, up-beat, rhythmic tunes that hold messages of the pursuit of joy and contentment, connecting to those who only listen to the surface of their music, as well as those who analyze their album word for word. The album Any Port in a Storm connects to consumers with the philosophy: any solution to some adversity is better than no solution; however, that solution may be a flawed and potentially dangerous one when the pursuit of happiness leads to a abuse of illegal substances as a means to give oneself

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