The Disability Of A Disabled Person Feeling Alone Essay

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A disability can be physical or mental and affects many people in the general population. Some of these disabilities include depression, schizophrenia, post-traumatic stress disorder, down syndrome, intellectual and more. You can find unequal treatment of people with disabilities in schools, society and work setting, leading to isolation, low self-esteem, and low self-worth of these individuals. Most often they are excluded from social events since society believe they do not fit into the social norms. Many struggles to find their identity within an organization and when possible will hide their disability from others to protect themselves from criticism or to keep their jobs. In schools, they are excluded from groups and are teased are mocked for being different. Though there are policies in place to protect and accommodate disable individuals from harm and discrimination they still be faced with disability discrimination.

There are many stereotypes about people with disability such as, they are incapable, hopeless and more. These kinds of stereotypes can leave a disabled person feeling alone. They would isolate themselves from social settings to spare the constant criticism and judgmental stares. Many try not to make society bring them down and opt to face the world, but when they do they are often ignored. For example, if a blind person or vision impaired individual is commuting by train or bus many people will not ask if they need help but instead avoid he or she and
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