The Disabled With Disabilities Act

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Just like any other minority, the disabled have been discriminated throughout history. Disabilities can be composed of physical or mental handicaps and discrimination has always occurred for both. It has historically been difficult for the disabled to not only find employment, but also to keep acceptable employment. These individuals also have had trouble being treated properly on the job. Transportation has also been an issue because many of the disabled cannot move or get around as easily as others. There is a history of isolating or separating the handicap from society by not having proper access available or by not allowing them to participate in all government programs. People with hearing problems also have not been able to…show more content…
To put and end to this, around the 1820s, the disabled started to be institutionalized. Institutionalization was just another way of isolating the handicapped and there was still a large amount of abuse and neglect that occurred. Starting from 1920-1960, the return of veterans from World War I, World War II, and the Korean War caused a rise in the need for rehabilitation. There was also an influx in the development of welfare programs and medical technology in this era, causing people to live longer even with disabilities. With such a rise in the amount of handicapped in America, it was no longer an option to keep them isolated. The need for assistance and civil rights for the disabled were starting to be recognized by the larger population. Legislation for the civil rights of the disabled started being developed around the 1970s. The first to come about was the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. This act outlined independent living programs and vocational rehabilitation, prohibited employment discrimination in federally funded job settings, and also developed a federal board for the regulation of accessibility and mobility improvements. The next was the Education of All Handicapped Children Act of 1975. This act worked to end the separation of education of handicapped children by giving all disabled
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