The Disadvantageous Of Web Gis

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The Disadvantageous of Web GIS & Their Solutions Whether it is scientific, social, technological, or theoretical, there are always flaws and improvements that can be created for a particular topic. The iPhone first came out in 2007 with features such as Visual Voicemail, multi-touch gestures, HTML email, Safari web browser, threaded text messaging, and Youtube. Many of the features that are common in Smartphones today such as MMS, apps, and copy and paste, did not exist. However, every year since 2007, the iPhone gradually became more advanced with a multitude of features available. This same concept can be applied to the flaws of Web GIS. This system is faulty, however, with the continuous advancement in technology and more research that can be conducted on the structure of this platform, several Internet GIS may be resolved. Internet GIS, while a powerful tool, has a broad range of issues varying from technological complications to social justice issues.
There are many Web GIS issues that must be resolved in order for its full potential to be maximized. Firstly, the Web GIS environment is dependent on several technological factors. Among these are internet connection and speed (Dragicevic, 2004), traffic intensity, data efficiency, and the capacity of the client and server machines (Kraak, 2004). Internet GIS relies heavily on the extensive use of graphics, and connection speeds over the Internet can make heavy use of graphic intolerably slow for users.
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