The Disadvantages Of Being A Single Parent

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The Disadvantages of Being a Single Parent
Sylvia M. Greene
English 111
July 30 /2014

The Disadvantages of Being a Single Parent.
You may never have been married or divorced, maybe a widow or a widower, may have planned to have children or didn’t either way you have a lot to deal with as a single parent. In a two parent house hold both parents make the decisions as society believes, but for a single parent household there is just one parent who carries the weight of the family he or she is responsible for caring for him or herself and the children. A single parent is the sole provider of the home.
He or she is responsible for providing food, clothing, shelter, and any other needs that relate to the well-being of the home. Some may argue that government assistance is accessible to single parents. Even though it’s true, there are other needs the government cannot provide like discipline, overnight childcare, doctor appointments and games or social life for the single parent. I believe “Tt takes a village to raise a child”. No matter where that village is located on the globe.
There is the feeling of loneness in single parent families, based on my observations.
There is no one to share the care and the worries of the family with. Though family members may sometimes assist, but it is still hard for one person because, in most cases families are not consistent. A parent needs someone to share the disciplinary aspects of the family, someone to
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