The Disadvantages Of Censorship In China

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Censorship is the suppression or prohibition of any parts of books, films, news, etc. that are considered obscene, politically unacceptable, or a threat to security. There are good reasons why censorship is used, such as some information might have to be censored for the content it might display and which in turn might cause a disturbance in peace. Countries try not abuse the fact they are allowed to do this because they are the ones who create the rules. However, China is abusing this fact and has been doing it to the point people are fearing what they can post or use on the internet. This issue was brought up in recent years because it has many different types of medians that were found in the New York Times. Firstly, the discussion…show more content…
No one wants to watch a video of people getting hurt and be manipulated into doing others work. That is why there are rules in place and why censorship exist, to keep the internet safe from such videos or pictures. A great example of why we need censorship is cyberbullying or cyberterrorism. If we did not have censorship in place this would get out of control and cause chaos. However, censoring to the point where people have no right to the freedom of speech is taking it to far. China has almost done this by removing almost all forms of communication besides texting, calling, and e-mailing. Their lastest move was the removal of the WhatsApp, it was a very popular app in China because of how well it was for communication and sending out information for others to see. While they did not fully remove the app from its place, they did however, reduce the usage by disrupting the videos, video chat, and picture function to the point of the app not being useful. WhatsApp is an app that was founded by Facebook and is now being censored by the Chinese. WhatsApp was Facebooks way in getting back into China, but because of government trying to get rid of it, the company has taken a major blow. Facebook only stake in the country is the Colorful Balloons app. This event has many featured articles that are relevant to the issue such as the “China Blocks WhatsApp, Broadening Online Censorship.” At first, users of the app were having disruptions when sending voice
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