The Disadvantages Of Migration To America

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In a first-world country like America, people aspire to obtain high skill jobs and continue working their way up the socioeconomic ladder. As people climb the job ladder, many less favorable, low skill jobs are left behind. But these jobs still need to be done, which opens up opportunities for those of poorer countries to fill the positions. The golden question for this situation however, is which method is best for filling these low skill jobs? Immigration or outsourcing? Which is best for individual people, individual countries, and the global economy as a whole?
For many reasons, migration to America is a popular option. According to The Cultural Landscape by James M. Rubenstein, the vast majority of people migrating to America do it for
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Not only are there risks involved with the migration process and the ability to obtain a fair job, immigrants are leaving behind their families. Having to choose between being with your family, or financially supporting your family, is a monumental sacrifice many immigrants have to make. A 2016 article written by Jason Davis and Noli Brazil, titled, “Migration, Remittances and Nutrition Outcomes of Left-Behind Children: A National-Level Quantitative Assessment of Guatemala”, explores the effects of economic migration on children left behind. The article discusses how many parents migrate to America seeking economic benefits for their families, but the costs are great. When parents leave it is disruptive to the child’s life and is correlated with declining health in the children that are left behind. Davis and Brazil explain how migration is an expensive journey, forcing parents to take out loans and leave their children in an even poorer state. Of course, the goal is to find a job and boost the family's economic state, but Davis and Brazil point out many immigrants are not able to find a job in a timely fashion- or maybe at all. Children left in dangerously low economic state and without one or both of their parents results in undernutrition and poor health care. Furthermore, Davis and Brazil state that, “The increased likelihood of child undernutrition [has]…show more content…
Many argue outsourcing takes jobs away from the American people, which would be true in high skill situations, but if they are low skill jobs that Americans do not want to work regardless, then that argument is rendered invalid. If America were to outsource their low skilled jobs, the jobs would get done, likely at lower costs to the developed country, and at higher benefit to the developing country being outsourced to. Authors of “Immigration Versus Outsourcing; A Developing Country’s View”, Simontini Das, Ajitava Raychaudhuri, and Saikat Sinha Roy, concur that for the developing country, outsourcing is in fact more beneficial. They claim that the establishing trade deals via outsourcing between countries will aid in the development of the country as a whole, while keeping workers at home. Das, Ajitava, and Saikat conclude that if the outsourcing market were to expand, the need for workers to migrate would be substantially lessened, all the while filling jobs and improving the
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