The Disadvantages Of Oil Drilling Offshore

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The Disadvantages of Oil Drilling In Environmentally Sensitive Areas In The United States Oil drilling in environmentally sensitive areas in the United States had been an ongoing controversial problem for a very long time. There are so many opinions along with outlooks on the present topic. Many people are against oil drilling offshore because of the issues that it creates. However, there are many critics that agree with drilling in environmentally sensitive areas because they do not worry about the long term effects it has on our environment. The United States have been drilling for oil since the 1900’s. Although oil is of great importance to maintain our everyday lives, we have alternative sources of energy. If we want to try to keep our planet vital for the next couple centuries, we must stop oil drilling. There are many reasons why oil drilling is hazardous, not only to our environment, but also to the people and the wildlife. Major explosions have happened due to oil drilling offshore. These major explosions are devastating and cause effects that last for years. Once an area is destroyed because of oil drilling it is seldom that, that area is ever able to restore itself back to its normal state. It is easy to turn a cheek to the situation at hand because it is not happening in our areas. However, what about the people that live nearby these oil rigs and are breathing in the hazardous chemicals used to operate these oil rigs? When we create drilling sites, we pose a

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