The Disadvantages Of Standardized Testing Essay examples

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Standardized tests must be improved. Instead of traditional standardized testing, random testing should be put in place and tests themselves should be reconstructed to promote fairness, reduce errors and and more accurately assess student’s knowledge. Testing should be done to random groups of students on random dates throughout the year. There will be a large enough group of students to give a good idea of how well material is being taught but a small enough group that not everyone needs to take the test. Cheating is a major problem with standardized tests. Cheating leads to inaccurate test scores (Dolezalek 71). In many cases of it is the teachers that are the ones cheating. “About 10 percent of the teachers admitted to providing…show more content…
Even when schools do cheat they they are not helping themselves. Each year it requires more cheating in order to go beyond the level of cheating the previous year in order to meet the new unreasonable target (“Pressure Caused Teachers to Cheat”). Many teachers resort to cheating to meet targets rather than risk disciplinary action or termination (“Pressure Caused Teachers to Cheat”). The most obvious group that also cheats is students. In states that students must pass a test to go to the next grade or graduate more cheating takes place (Dolezalek 71). Problems with cheating can be solved with simple solutions. Tests will be administered by an employee of the testing company to reduce cheating and teachers will not be notified of which students will take the test to be able to accurately assess students without studying or coaching. Standardized tests will also not be used to promote students to the next grade or to determine if a student graduates unless an individual school wishes to do so.

Common errors can cause inaccurate tests scores. These errors do not reflect a student’s knowledge (Dolezalek 58). Student errors include incorrectly filling in answer sheets (Dolezalek 58). One common error is for a student to fill in one line of multiple choice answers in wrong thus making the rest of the answers incorrect
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