The Disadvants Of George Washington And Benedict Arnold

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“I have learned to hate all traitors, and there is no disease I spit on more than treachery.” Aeschylus once wrote. What is the character of a traitor? Who does society consider a traitor? How do people become traitors? All of these are good questions that provoke conversation and debate. The mentality of a traitor stems from his or her desires and what they need. In the following comparison of George Washington and Benedict Arnold the true character of a traitor will be revealed, as well as how heroes are made, what qualifies as betrayal, and the attributes of the true traitor. Washington and Arnold were both men of valor on the field of battle, as they fought desperately for the cause of freedom. If they did indeed betray, then where did they go wrong and what caused these actions?
It is true both Washington and Arnold were traitors. The question is, who did they betray? First, we must explore how these men became heroes. In the French and Indian war, Lieutenant Colonel George Washington fought for the British army. In 1754, the newly appointed Washington was sent to a post in what is now Pittsburg. Before arriving at the fort, it was surrendered to the French. Washington, always quick to think on his feet, set up a new outpost just forty miles away which was named Fort Necessity. He then ambushed a forward detachment of 30 French soldiers marking the first bloodshed of the war. On July 3rd the French came upon Fort Necessity and after a full day of fighting young

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