The Disappearance And Murder Of Tim Bosma

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The disappearance and murder of Tim Bosma was one that captivated much of the news and the public during May of 2013. An ordinary man from Ontario went missing while with two men who were test driving his vehicle, only for his burnt remains found a week later. The two men Dellen Millard, and Mark Smich who were with Bosma during the test drive were eventually charged with first degree murder, and later on both were convicted of that charge and sentenced to life in prison (Armstrong & Russell, 2014). This was a case that had many different police officers evolved in. With the Hamilton Police Service (HPS) leading the investigation they were also assisted by both the Toronto Police Service (TPS) as well as the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP)…show more content…
Another group that would be involved would be the general duty officers who would assist is searching, and preserving the scenes where HPS where searching for clues relating to the Bosma disappearance, and murder (Visser & Humphreys, 2013). One of the most important units involved in this investigation was the Forensic Identification Services (FIS) members who are responsible for preserving, and collecting all of the evidence. These officers worked along side the members previously mentioned throughout the investigation collecting much evidence from both Bosmas truck as well as other locations that were searched. 1 What Issues are Present There were many different issues that were present during the investigation to the Tim Bosma murder. For one the length of the investigation, and the amount of forensic evidence that was collected, and analyzed. The HPS explained to the court the evidence collected from Bosma truck. They took sixty-four blood swabs in and around the truck; furthermore, they also took 23 fingerprints from the truck on 20 different items with two of them matching to Millard (Clairmont, 2016). A cut was made in a green tarp to remove the section with blood stains on it, as well soil and vegetation samples were taken from the tires (Clairmont, 2016). They also collected shards of glass from a broken passenger window. This is just an example of the amount of evidence that was collected from just the truck in the Bosma murder investigation. Another

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