The Disappearance Of Childhood Analysis

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In the book, The Disappearance of Childhood, Postman’s overall claim is that childhood is disappearing because children are able to get access to information about adult secrets.
I agree with Postman’s main argument; however, I disagree with some of his claims that he used to support the main argument.
In chapter 1, Postman claimed that children who are participating in games such as Little League baseball and Pee Wee football are playing because they are pursuing reputation, not because they wanted to do something fun, or because they were pursuing pleasure. I disagree with Postman’s claim since I believe in the exact opposite. I believe that for a child to play sports in their own time, they must first enjoy that sport. If a child doesn’t like playing
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This is true for all sports. For an example, I’m not an athletic person, and I dislike all sports. Since I don’t find pleasure in playing sports, I don’t want to do anything related to it, which includes joining any sport organizations. I had a classmate who loved baseball. He would have found great pleasure in joining Little League baseball because he loved the sport. I believe that the reputation the child gets from playing the sport is just something that is included.
Postman claims that with ““adultified” child”, children who think and act similar to adults, and ““childfied” adult”, where adults think and act similar to children, children’s and adults’ beliefs and characteristics are merging into one. This represents the disappearance of the generation gap, where everyone is in the same generation. In the beginning, I disagreed with his claim. I thought that the generation gap is still there. Children are growing up with technology. In this generation, a child as young as
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