The Disappearance Of Childhood By Neil Postman

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Even though childhood has change for the better there is an argument stating that childhood is disappearing “at a dazzling speed” (Postman, 1996) says that there is a closing gap between childhood and adulthood. Neil Postman (1996) claims this in his book “The Disappearance of Childhood”. Postman theory was purely based on the way that communications through technology were made which shapes society today. He thinks that due to the technology such as television and the Internet children nowadays are much likely to have more access to the ‘adult world’, thus childhood to be disappearing (Postman, 1982). He claims its “Frankenstein Syndrome” consequence of the mass media is mainly the responsible for the usage of television, and the social media. Palmer (2007) parallels this study with Postman (1982) and thinks that parents tend to use technology such as television and electronic games to keep their children occupied and to be quiet due to their busyness or maybe too preoccupied by consumerism to give the children the traditional childhood. The book makes durable case for the traditional values and through her study has noticed that children need to develop skills such as developing their focus. She also recommends real food rather the ones high in sugar and more fish oil, eaten at family meals. Another study has also been made by Pugh (2002) he proposes that parents that spends time with and on their children is “consumption as compensation”. The parents who are “cash-rich
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