The Disaster Management Stages Of Disaster

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Disasters are categorized as natural, man-made, or a combination of the two. For this paper, I will identify a natural or man-made disaster that are currently brandishing in the world and are providing news headlines or happening within my very community. I will describe the various characteristics of the disaster chosen and apply the disaster management stages.
Current Natural or Man-Made Disaster
The current natural disaster I will be discussing pertains to the flooding in Houston, Texas. The initial flooding occurred on April 18, 2016 afflicting nine counties in and around Houston, placing them in a state of disaster. Seven lives have been taken as a result of the immense flooding. 1,000 homes have been flooded, as well as
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Preventability measures are taken to prepare for disasters that are known risk for happening. Although not all disastrous events can be prevented initially, steps can be taken to reduce the impact and after effects when they do occur. For instance, with the Houston flood, numerous reservoirs were constructed to help control some overflow of some 67 billion gallons of water. Imminence coincides with predictability in most cases and also helps the planning of prevention and control when it can be implemented. Weather forecasters can be detrimental when it comes to predicting a flood as this can predict expected rainfall duration and amounts. The scope and number of casualties is usually tallied during and after a disastrous event as the baseline is always zero prior to the event happening. This specific criteria represents the number of people displaced, injured or killed per event happening. Intensity is typically measured before an event to help garner some sort of ability to prepare for an expected incoming crisis. Intensity can also be measured during a disaster to help foretell fatality rates and also overall damage incurrence.
Application of Disaster Management Stages
Prevention, preparation and planning, responsiveness, and recovery are all the stages of managing a disaster. Prevention is the first stage in disaster management. This stage occurs before a disaster takes place and identifies possible risks.
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