The Disaster Of Emergency Disaster Essay

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Emergency disaster situations can be defined in three ways accidental, natural, or wilful. An accidental disaster refers to an event which is totally unexpected such as a house fire started by an electrical fault. Similarly, an illustration of a natural disaster would be the recent earthquakes which took place in Christchurch, NZ between September 2010 and February 2011 that resulted in devastating and far reaching consequences for the country. Foremost in many minds when recollecting a wilful disaster would be the terror attacks of 9.11 in the USA. A disaster of this magnitude has never been experienced during peace time in our lifetime. This essay will examine three different aspects of rescue management procedure where reports detailing disaster and emergency response must be studied to understand and improve our handling of rescue operations.
In any rescue operation large or small, a number of agencies have to work together and respond quickly and efficiently to minimise the potential for loss of life. These agencies will face a series of challenges on the ground which will require immediate and concise evaluation. Regardless of the nature of the emergency, clear communication between agencies is imperative to obtain a favourable outcome.
Firstly, we must examine how the emergency was conveyed to emergency services. Response time is critical and delays can result in catastrophic ramifications. Emergency dispatchers collect, prioritize and disseminate significant…
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