The Disaster Of Emergency Management

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Introduction. On 06 January 2005, a cargo train carrying a massive amount of chlorine spilled in Graniteville, South Carolina creating panic and indeed chaos to both citizens and emergency managers on how to properly respond to the hazardous materials released from the train wreckage. The people of the small rural town of Graniteville located just outside of Aiken, South Carolina, where caught in their sleep when Freight train 192 traveling approximately 47 mph struck other consignments spilling a dangerous amount of chlorine gas into the atmosphere. As a result of this disaster, 5,400 individuals were evacuated from their homes whiling causing nine deaths. The magnitude of such disaster was one that would change any town or city forever.…show more content…
Thus, being the busiest rail and perhaps the most important for both the residents of Graniteville and Avondale plant, many trains traveled through the town daily conducting business. Nonetheless, for successful deliveries, a switch connecting the spur to the mainline railway had to be manually turned towards the proper route. Failure to do so called for an eventual accident. Consequently, the train crash happened as a result of someone forgetting to flip the switch disconnecting the spur from the main line. Causing Freight Train 192 to divert from its route. Incident Chronology. At approximately 2:39 AM Freight Train 192 traveling at a speed of 47 mph crashed into parked train P22 causing a dangerous amount of chlorine gas to be released into the atmosphere. Fortunately, the engineers on site at the time of the accidents were not harmed from the crash. Nonetheless, the magnitude of the crash alerted local residents who immediately called 911 approximately one minute after the crash. Some of the 911 calls received by the Aiken police department recorded a concerned resident saying “bleach gas smell and smoke on the ground” (Dunning & Oswalt, 2005, p. 130). Upon receiving several calls, the town’s emergency departments were on route minutes after being
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