The Disaster Of The 9 / 11 Disaster

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In this assignment the researcher will be looking at the events that unfolded in the 9/11 disaster in America, specifically the circumstances that led up to it, what happened during the disaster and the roles and responsibilities of the public services. This incident would class as a disaster as apposed to an emergency due to the size and scope of the event and the fact that it could not have been handled locally. A disaster is defined as a major disruption of a community or society which causes widespread losses and impacts, and exceeds the ability of the affected community to handle with its own resources. Whereas an emergency is a situation that poses an immediate threat to health, the environment, property or life. In most cases these two words can overlap and be used interchangeably because they are similar but not the same. ‘Though both emergencies and disasters present situations that demand quick action, one can prepare for emergencies but not disasters.’ (Online, 2010)

Due to the scale of the disaster, New York would not have had the resources to deal with the situation themselves, this is where the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) comes in. The main purpose of the agency is to coordinate the response to a disaster in America that overwhelms the state or local community because they do not have the resources to deal with it themselves. The total amount of money that FEMA spent on this disaster was close to $970 million.

The incident that occurred…
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