The Disaster Recovery Plan And A Business Continuity Plan

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Compared and contrasted business continuity plans with disaster recovery plans
A disaster recovery plan and a business continuity plan, are very important to all business and their marketing plan. These plans provide detail strategies on how the business will continue to operate, before, doing and after a disaster. About 25% of business that do not have these plans and are hit by a disaster, fail to reopen. (Smith, n.d.). This is why a disaster and recovery and business continuity plan are important to a business if they wish to withstand a disaster and reopen with little or no problem.
The Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) provides comprehensive strategy on the actions that employees should follow doing and after a disaster. The plan should provide exit procedures, the online communication instructions to make sure that all employees are accounted for and the main communication and rally point, with the central hub. The hub should carry emergency supplies, backup information, flashlights and other important items need for the safety of the business, employees and their customers.
The Business Continuity Plan (BCP) enhances the DRP a few step further. It outlines how the business will ran and managed after the disaster. It should outline how the business should continue after a small disaster event, like a power outage to a major problem like a major storm that might last a few days. Within the outline it should there should be information as to where the business will operate,
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