The Disaster Recovery Plan For Sunshine Machine Works

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Being the consultant for Sunshine Machine Works, it is my job to ensure that your business continuity plan is efficient and addresses all critical points assuring that this business can survive any disaster that could interfere with normal operations. I want to discuss some important topics that hopefully will equip your organization with the proper know how and knowledge should a disaster occur and so that you can be prepared for when a disaster does happen. I have been informed that Sunshine Machine works already has a format that can be used so I will just discuss critical parts that will also be incorporated into the current format that Sunshine already has in place. An important aspect I want to review is the disaster recovery plan. This plan is different from business continuity but some features do overlap. A disaster recovery plan prepares the business to recover their IT systems and assets after a disaster. Beginning with Wilma Stone, Margie Nelson, and Gary Thomas as management they need to meet with their IT department heads and perform a risk assessment to identify IT equipment and services that are critical to business operations. Identifying these critical components will give an initial point to recovery. As these are essential to business operations, the chosen IT systems should be priority in prevention, response, and during recovery. Charts and documents will help organize this and inform staff on the involved areas. It is not only crucial to plan for
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