The Disasters And What Community Resources Were Used?

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1. What were the characteristics the disasters and what community resources were used?
On April 15, 2011 severe weather and tornados hit Mobile, Alabama, with wind speed at 80 miles per hour (Press Release: Alabama Red Cross Responds to Tornadoes and Severe Weather, 2011). The tornado touched at least 6 counties so Alabama Governor Robert Bentley had to declare a state of emergency. Seven people lost their lives and after preliminary damage assessment were performed indicating that in the Alabama a total of 128 homes were destroyed, 70 homes had major damage, and at least 50 homes had minor damage. From the preliminary assessments the South Alabama showed that 21 homes were destroyed, 32 of the homes had sustained major damage, and 11
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2. How did the American Red Cross help?
In the United States, Red Cross provides assistance with 70,000 disasters a year, from fires, to hurricanes, to earthquakes. Red Cross is not a government agency however provides resources such as shelters, food, and mental health and works with other governmental or nongovernmental organizations to help provide relief after disasters occurs (What We Do | Red Cross | Disaster Relief, Emergency Management, n.d.). The Red Cross stepped in shortly to provide disaster relief services such as emergency services, food, shelter, and ongoing emotional support to the families and individuals in need (Press Release: Alabama Red Cross Responds to Tornadoes and Severe Weather, 2011).
. Red Cross exists because of the generosity of the public and volunteers. They also help military families each year. According to the Red Cross article from April 18, 2011, the Red Cross Emergency Response Vehicle (ERV) was scheduled to go through the regions affected by the tornado and
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