The Disastrous Effects of Human Invention Essay

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In the modern world, we as despicable humans have consumed the most raw materials of

all the living organisms of Earth. We also have produced the most waste of all the living

organisms of Earth. From food scraps to plastics to carbon dioxide, we have polluted this planet

to its limit. The existence of the human race has turned our home into a giant landfill. Of the

many pollutants we put into the environment, one type stands out: plastics. Plastic was created to

be a convenient and cheap material for domestic use, but it has caused many problems like the

deaths of animals and the contamination of soil and water. One specific type of plastic that has

affected the community is polystyrene. Polystyrene, more commonly known as
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company in particular, Dow Chemical, was the leader in polystyrene and fueled the high demand

during WW2.) When the use and production of polystyrene boomed during WW2, polystyrene

was being used in items from radio transmitters to plastic bottles. Later in the 1950s Dow

Chemical Company scientist, Ray McIntire invented the material that changed the world of

plastics, the material we all know a Styrofoam, Ray McIntire invented Styrofoam from the then

common material polystyrene by, “Combining styrene with isobutylene, a volatile liquid, under

pressure. The result was foam polystyrene with bubble, 30 times lighter than regular

polystyrene” ( Bellis 2).This material quickly caught on as an insulator. Also this new interest in

Styrofoam lead to more research in polystyrene

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