The Discarded Factory, A Tale Of Three Logos

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In the chapters, “The Discarded Factory” and "A Tale of Three Logos," Klein explains the globalizing effects on brand name multinational corporations? In the first chapter, “The Discarded Factory,” Klein tells about how corporations are putting much less of an emphasis on the production side of their business and more of an emphasis on the brand name they build. In the second chapter, “A Tale of Three Logos,” Klein talks about how three large corporations, Nike, Royal Dutch Shell, and McDonalds grew their brand.

Klein, in “The Discarded Factory,” provides many examples to show that corporations are much less concerned about production and much more about their brand name. The statement he uses to help explain the reason behind why they are doing this is, "The difference between products and brands is fundamental. A product is something that is made in a factory; a brand is something that is bought by a customer,” (Peter Schweitzer). Many companies believe that while their products and factories are temporary and require upkeep, respectively, their brand will live on for much longer. Because of this, they shift towards outsourcing their production to keep costs as low as possible. The companies then use this extra money to help build their brand using sponsorships and marketing campaigns. In addition to sponsorships and marketing campaigns, companies will also improve their packaging, distribution, and retail channels, and they will expand. A quote once said by Nike’s

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