The Discipline Of Applied Sciences

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The discipline of applied sciences has been around for many thousands of years. Over time, the writings in the discipline have evolved along with the progressive discoveries and advancements. From this, a well-refined template to structure writings off of has been developed. Subsections of this discipline have been able to take this template and run with it, modifying it to fit the specific needs and values of their individual discourse communities. Kinesiology, as one of these subsections in it’s infant stages being only 50 some years old is still progressing in it’s writings. Video games have been around since the early 1970’s, starting with the arcade classic Pong. Early incarnations of video games had low quality graphics, and generally little effect aside from the enjoyment or frustration from playing the game. As time and technology have progressed so have the effects that video games have on their players. People have attributed lifestyles, addictions, and even violent acts to things they have seen or experienced while playing video games. Authors Christopher Ferguson and Brad Millington have both looked into some of these effects that video games have produced. As an associate professor of psychology at Texas A&M University and holding a Ph.D. in criminal psychology, Christopher Ferguson looks at the effects that video games have on the mind in his works. Brad Millington holds a Ph.D. in kinesiology and is an assistant professor for the Department of Health at the
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