The Discipline Of Cultural Anthropology

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The discipline of cultural anthropology falls into the idea that culture everywhere is our lives impacts every aspect of our human lives. “Anthropology is the scientific study of human beings-that is, human creature viewed in the abstract: male, female, all colors and shapes, pre-historic, ancient, and modern. Many cultural anthropologists come to believe that the idea of our past and present societies, from the social and cultural structure of them, to the religion and language, as well as the symbols of that society all contribute to the bigger picture. Anthropology, then, most fundamentally viewed, is simply the attempt of human beings to study and hence to understand themselves at all times and in all places” (Langness 1998: 1). Many anthropologists focus their studies on a specific society or rather, an aspect of the human beings in that society. The search for the bigger understanding of humankind, all of the different ways of life. Anthropologists like to focus their needs to look at the full range of human variety, and they like to study people that are part of all different areas of the world. Cultural anthropology compares methods to evolutionary perspective of human culture. Culture represents that knowledge we have, the values that we hold for ourselves, the traditional ways that we view the world, as well as the words we use, the concepts we come to understand, and the symbols that represent us.
Cultural anthropology is looked at to be the study of humans,
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