The Discipline Of Teams

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The Discipline of Teams is talking about performs of the team and groups. Teams and groups have certain characteristics to affect different type of degree and influences on their own level or members of collective performance. This article is trying to explain that differentiate discipline and type of groups and teams and four elements, are common commitment and purpose, complementary skills, mutual accountability and performance goals, these are for teams function. According from this article, we able to know that group is effective and prevalent in any large organization and where is an individual accountability; team is differ fundamentally from working group is because they are mutual accountability.
From this article, the best team will shape their purposes on opportunity or demand in their path, which helps the team gain framing organization’s performance expectation. They invest in time and
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These kind of learning are very good for me to understand how to manage a team and the team is the most important role to work in organization. Without a effective team, then the company maybe is risk taking, and with it then the company may able to operate more type of businesses with the good and effective teams. After read it, I realized that team performance is so complicated and useful for the organization.
Building team performance and relationship with top management and working group are a major role in organization. I learned a lot of knowledge in building team performance, this is one interesting part for me. According team performance, I figure out team members, group, spend time together, exploit positive feedback, reward and recognition, clear rules of behavior, interpersonal skills, functional or technical expertise, decision making and problem solving skills, teams recommend, make or do and run things are very important for me to
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