The Disconnect Has Created An Emotional Dependency On Technology

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The rapid advances in the technological field have made it difficult for individuals to construct their identities without the use of the Internet, so as a result the need for authenticity is no longer in demand. Authenticity is no longer valued because individuals prefer the convenience and fast pace that technology offers. Those born into this tech-savvy generation do not remember what the world was like before cell phones, laptops, and new media, so there has since been a disconnect between what individuals consider real or not. In “Selections from Alone Together: Why We Expect More from Technology and Less from Each Other” by Sherry Turkle, she challenges the normalization of embracing “robotic moments”. These moments are defined by…show more content…
Since emotions are something that every human needs to experience for internal nourishment, it comes to no surprise that individuals are allowing themselves to be triggered emotionally by robots. Social robots are artificially engineered to interact with human beings as if they were alive because they are programmed to do so. These interactions can trigger emotions from within an individual 's, because our world so reliant on technology that people no longer know how to rely on one another. For instance, Turkle shares an incident involving a Furby and a seven-year-old girl when she mentions that, “After a month with her Furby, Bianca, seven, speaks with growing confidence about their mutual affection: ‘I love my Furby because it loves me…. It was like he really knew me.’” (471). This proves that interactive robots create a false sense of a living relations with its owner. Like Bianca, many children have the same experiences with their interactive toys and these artificial relationships allow technology to assume a large role in their lives at a young age. Since these toys like Furby cannot authentically express emotions they are not capable to love, but since it has been programmed to behave a certain way children are convinced that these robots truly do love them. These robots are designed to target certain emotional responses from its user and for this
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