The Discourse Community Is Important That People Should Be A Part Of It For Your Own Individual Goals

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When being in a community it is important that people should be a part of it for the same reasons while still having their own individual goals, this according to Wardle. It is not just important to have a set of goals for yourself, but being able to find the problems or conflicts with the discourse community they are in, they have to resolve these issues, if you can that’s makes you stand out in this discourse community. Also in order to be in a discourse community you have to sacrifice some of your personal ideas, things you might enjoy doing in order for you to stay in this group. If you aren’t willing to sacrifice, then you will not be successful in this community. A successful person who wants to be in this discourse community is able to adapt to their new environment and is able to communicate perfectly with their colleagues. If we go back to Wardle definition of what is a definition of discourse community, where she states that people have their own common goals, this would define the group I want to be part of, which is nursing. In nursing school, class and lectures are given to identify common goals. Also nurses strive for and a caring environment for their patients. The main goal for nurses is to cure and give proper treatment to their patients, also being to manage infections and diseases. They are willing to continue their education if it’s necessary and they are willing to provide a healthy and clean environment for their patients. In order to stay in this…
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