The Discourse Community Of Volleyball

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There are discourse communities all around us. A discourse community is a group of people who share a common goal. Within the group, there are certain ways of communicating with one another, relaying information, and using common speech or terms that everyone in the group understands. Being part of different discourse communities can help develop different writing styles and skills. A non-school discourse community that helped me develop as a writer was volleyball. There are many aspects to volleyball that a player has to understand: the common goals, the rules, and the terminology. Being a part of the volleyball discourse community, I was able to get a job at the University of North Georgia as a volleyball referee. This discourse…show more content…
In volleyball, there are set rules that every player must follow. Teams have different methods to help their players understand the rules. Some teams memorize them and have “tests”, others learn from experiencing the rules while playing. The exigence behind learning the rules is so that the player knows how to play the game as an individual and as a team. Knowing the rules of volleyball is essential for a well-functioning team. Along with the rules, a player must understand the terminology used consistently throughout the experience.

Every sport has their own terminology and language that only players of that sport understand. In volleyball it is important to know the terms used. The terminology that a volleyball player first learns are: pass, set, hit, kill, double, serve, and the positions on the court. Every player’s exigence for knowing and understanding the terms is for the player’s and team’s success. Without the knowledge of the terms used, a player will not comprehend what is going on, what plays are being made, or what the referees are expressing.

My experience with volleyball gave me the opportunity to have a job at UNG, as an intramural volleyball referee. Being a referee is not an easy task. Along with the terminology used by the players and coaches, there is a different set of terminology for referees. Every referee must learn a set of hand signals and motions
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