The Discourse Of A Discourse Community

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A discourse community is a club or group of people who share a particular interest and use a certain register of language to communicate with each other. A register is another way in which how something is said or written and can be just as important as the meaning of the message. We communicate with one another in many ways, either by e-mail, telephone, text, face-to-face, social media or letters, and the language we use allows us to get things done. However, the language and communication method we choose to use will vary depending on the discourse community. John Swales, a professor of linguistics, describes discourse communities as a group of people who share a set of discourse, understood as basic values and assumptions, and ways of…show more content…
Joy began working for Stein Mart when she was eighteen years old, and it was her second job. Previously she worked for a retail store that ended up closing, so she applied to work at Stein Mart hoping that it will be a long-term job. She began by working as a salesperson, and eventually moved up in the company. To understand more about the community of this company, I began to ask her several questions about how retail works. Joy explained, “The field of retail concerns the work that individuals do to keep a retail store functioning. This includes both retail salespeople and manager in all types of retail stores, including small stores with only a handful of workers and large chain stores with hundreds of employees” (Pearson). As a salesperson, one shows items to customers and explains these items’ benefits or features, and then completes the necessary financial transaction if the customer decides to make a purchase. Of course one’s duty would be greater if one worked in management. As a manager, one is responsible for ordering merchandise, pricing items, designing displays, completing inventories, creating financial reports and monitoring staff. As easy as it sounds, it is very stressful and everything lies on one’s shoulders. If something goes wrong, then it is you as a manager who is going to be blamed. That is where the role as an assistant manager comes in place. If the manager needs help with any of
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