The Discourse Of A Dorm At Western University ( Gunnison ) Essay

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Context Description The Discourse that will be analyzed further in this paper, occurred over Facebook messenger (text) at 8:30 p.m. September 20th, 2016. One participant was in a dorm in CU Boulder, CO. The other in a dorm in Western University (Gunnison), CO. Despite this far geographical separation, Facebook messenger served as our link and setting of communication. The only two participants involved in this discourse was Grace Welden, my best friend, and Myself (Taylor Salazar). Two friends with no audience. The particular purpose of the discourse was mainly to see how each of us were doing with college and how the day was going, however, the conversation escalated, in order of acts/ events ,after we began to talk about relationships into a discussion that’s’ end goals were to come to an understanding behind my choice to leave a group chat that had all our mutual friends on it 1 month prior to this conversation; and to come to an understanding about why I feel the way I do about our mutual friends, as a means to reconcile in some way. The tone of this discussion quickly shifted from one of carefreeness and silliness while we were asking how each was doing, to more of a serious, considerate, respectful, and understanding tone as we discussed our feelings bout our mutual friendships. This kind of tone is normally expected in any discourse taking place between best friends; as are instrumentalities of: endearment, obscene language, slang, and second person pronouns enhancing

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