The Discourse Of Discourse Community

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Discourse communities are a prevalent part of society, whether we realize it or not. The most recognizable of these communities would be the discourse in different work fields. When student’s are going through their final years of schooling in college, most are taught only some of this discipline-specific jargon in their junior or senior years of schooling through their out of class experience in their specific work field. The most easily identified would be the medical fields, journalism fields and the business fields. I will be reviewing the different components that differ the Marketing discourse community from other discourse communities such as; their way of communication through emails and face-to-face meetings, the field specific jargon and the requirements it takes to be qualified as a member of this marketing discourse community, such as the degree of maturity, knowledge and experience. I will also explain why this field is important and give justifying examples such as the definition of a marketing discourse community and the rate at which communication is expected. The Marketing discourse community does qualify as one of the many business discourse communities, however it has some differing aspects. In the Marketing discourse community I will be researching, the promotional marketing services, the community mainly specializes in the field of providing promotional services for a larger business that can provide specific goods or services to consumers. These…
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