The Discover Assessment & Curriculum Development Model

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The DISCOVER Assessment & Curriculum Development Model:
This model, which can be applied in any educational setting helps students build on their strengths in problem solving and multiple intelligence. DISCOVER focuses on continuum problem solving which involves clearly solved problems to open-ended problem.

Criterion 1: Respect for individuals with diverse abilities, strengths, and goals (FULLY MET)
In 1993, Maker created DISCOVER to embrace Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligence and designed curriculum for “individual(s) willingness and ability to meet real challenges and resolve difficulties in his or her personal, academic, and professional environments in new and different but highly effective ways” (Maker, 2009, p. 254). The main goal of this curriculum model was to build on a student 's’ strength in problem solving and creativity using six types of problem solving (Maker, 2009, p. 253). DISCOVER “included researchers from Navajo, Caucasian, Mexican-American, Hispanic, Asian, Tohono O’Odham, and African-American cultures” to apply “research-based theories” to create curriculum from a diverse viewpoint (Maker, 2009, p. 282).

Criterion 2: Provide for identification of out-of-school learning opportunities that match students abilities and interests (NOT MET)
There are not many opportunities for out-of-school learning opportunities. Though the teacher seems to have the option to further the students’ problem solving skills outside of the classroom, most of the…
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